Fourth-year medical students Cy and Kandis Fogleman share a love for rural medicine, 服务与彼此.

Cy and Kandis Fogleman wearing lab coats and black shirts in front of bare trees.
Fourth-year medical students Cy and Kandis Fogleman share a love for rural medicine, 服务与彼此. (提交的图)

Their romance began when they were lab partners at Wake Forest University. Now Cy and Kandis Fogleman are married fourth-year students at the UNC School of 医学, with a shared love for rural medicine and each other. The couple welcomed their son, Rush, on July 20, 2023. 

Cy Fogleman narrowed his career choices early in life.

“我上小学的时候, I told my parents I either wanted to be a doctor or play baseball for the Yankees,他说.

医学 won out after the personal trauma of his mother’s difficult labor and delivery and his brother’s premature birth and time in a neonatal intensive care unit.

“Spending over 60 days in the NICU with my brother while he was fighting for his life was challenging,他说. “While sitting in the NICU, I came up with the idea for a nonprofit called Project Brotherly Love.” The project provides care packages for families who weren’t prepared for a premature baby.

He did his pre-med studies at Wake Forest University. He worked three years on the campus rescue squad as an EMT and one year with Forsyth County EMS. 他还在维克森林大学遇到了他未来的妻子.

Kandis Fogleman never thought that she could become a doctor. “No one in my family had even gone to college,”她说。. 但在高中, 她开始探索医学作为职业, thanks to a love of science and “wonderful teachers who allowed me to realize that I was very motivated and gifted academically.”

She knew she wanted to help people like those she knew in her native Wilkes County, 北卡罗莱纳, 决心“提供急需”, excellent care to people in rural communities as a trusted physician.”

She was a sophomore and he was a junior when they became partners in the general chemistry lab. 每周花四个小时在一起, the two soon realized that they had a similar love for family, 农村医疗与服务.


In 2018, they studied for the MCAT together and took it at the same time. He took a gap year and worked as an EMT while she finished her last year at Wake Forest. Two weeks after she graduated, the couple got married. She enrolled in the UNC School of 医学 in 2019, while he started the next year.

“I will be forever grateful that UNC took a chance on me,他说. “I also appreciate the Kenan Rural Scholars program,” which encourages mentorship opportunities with rural physicians.

她也很感激自己在卡罗莱纳的时光, where she earned a Master of Public 健康 at UNC 吉林斯全球公共卫生学院 in addition to her medical training. “教师们已经成为了导师和朋友, and my classmates will soon turn into trusted colleagues.”

这对夫妇现在正在为比赛日做准备, when they will participate in the “couples match” – a process where the two applicants link their rank order lists to get positions in the same geographic location. After family medicine residencies, preferably in the southeastern U.S., they hope to open their own practice in rural 北卡罗莱纳 with a focus on full-scope family medicine.

“From studying for long hours to time commitment at the hospital, it’s important to have support from your spouse,”她说。. “I’m happy that Cy and I have the shared goal of being the best doctors for our patients. We always push each other to continue to grow our knowledge.”